The most advanced industrial vehicles rollover washing systems in the world.

Single gantry with 2 brushes (vertical) and 3 brushes (2 vertical + 1 horizontal)
available in 3 models with useful washing height of 4000, 4200 and 4500 mm.
Useful washing width available 2800 and 3100 mm.
Hot-dip galvanized gantry structure with direct coupling drive.
Motorized movement brushes.
Possibility of double brushing on the front and rear of the vehicle for
an intense washing action.
Electronic management via PLC and man-machine dialogue via panel
operator for programming and wash counter functions.


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Choosing an Autoequip car wash system means relying on a solid company with a great deal of experience behind it.

Variable brush movement

t is possible to move the vertical brushes and the horizontal brush by means of an inverter to increase speed and performance.

Action of the horizontal brush

Follows the front and rear of the vehicle up to the maximum lower extremity.

Side high pressure with 6 rotating heads (3 per side)

for the low, medium and high parts.

Direct towing

Simple, practical and resistant over time for the minimum possible maintenance.

maximum washing height 2/3 brush models: MOD. AE. 2.40/2.42/2.45/3.40/3.42/3.45: 4.000mm – 4.200 mm – 4.500 mm

maximum washing width: valid for all models: 2.700mm

maximum passage width: valid for all models: 3.000mm

maximum height of the system structure on sliding rails models with 2/3 brushes: MOD. AE. 2.40/2.42/2.45/3.40/3.42/3.45: 4.920mm – 5.120 mm – 5.320 mm

maximum width of the system with splash guard: valid for all models: 5.020 mm

binary length valid for all models: 25 m

rails center distance: standard 4.000 mm

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