The most advanced car wash systems in the world.

TWINNER was born from the consolidated experience of Autoequip, one of the first producers
worldwide to believe in this type of systems. It has been developed
in order to make the most of the operational potential of a double
gantry carwashing system

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Choosing an Autoequip car wash system means relying on a solid company with a great deal of experience behind it.

Giugiaro Design a meeting for excellence

Giugiaro Design signs Twinner GD by sliding his pencil from projects for the automotive industry to those for the aftermarket, creating a new aesthetic affinity between two microcosms that belong to the same universe.
Its design and class combine simplicity and attention to detail with an ever-current and captivating aesthetic.

Vertical brushes inclination

The perfect adaptability of the vertical brushes to the side profiles of the vehicle occurs thanks to the brush inclination device up to 20 ° and to the dedicated current absorption boards.

DISCOVER wheel and wheel arches washer

Exclusive patented project, it carries out the washing of the wheels in high pressure without using traditional brushes.

Side swinging high pressure

Its oscillation (high-low movement) guarantees the cleaning and coverage of the entire medium-high side surface of the car.

Vertical brushes beam inclination

Latest generation options to adapt to new vehicle shapes.
The inclination of the beam allows you to tilt the brushes at the rear of the vehicle to reach the most difficult areas to wash.

Electric inclination of the Contour nozzle

Variable inclination according to the vehicle profile.

maximum washing height: MOD. 23 – 25 – 28: 2300mm – 2.500 mm – 2.800mm

maximum washing width: valid for all models: 2.350mm

maximum passage width: valid for all models: 2.420mm

maximum height of the plant structure on sliding tracks: MOD. 23 – 25 – 28: 3130mm – 3.400 mm – 3.630mm

maximum width of the system with splash guard: valid for all models: 4.200mm

track length MOD. 23 – 25 – 28: 12/13 m

rails center distance: standard 3.000 mm – 2.800 mm

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