Twinner silverled

The key to everything is represented by the individual management of the two gantry
which allows specific combined actions, allowing first-rate results
gaining on the total washing time.

TWINNER was born from the consolidated experience of Autoequip, one of the first world producers to believe in this type of plant. It has been designed and developed in order to make the most of the operational potential of a double washing gantry. Twinner Silverled is our double gantry washing system in total stainless steel.

twinner silverled

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Choosing an Autoequip car wash system means relying on a solid company with a great deal of experience behind it.

Stainless steel Structure

The use of stainless steel enhances its value over time and enhances its performance in the presence of any climatic and environmental adversity.

DISCOVER wheel and wheel arches washer

Exclusive patented project, it carries out the washing of the wheels in high pressure without using traditional brushes.


The innovative combined total high pressure system positioned on the first gantry that works in combination with the 3 brushes of the second gantry. The real innovation of this model consists in the high perimeter pressure, a pair of translating arms (Autoequip patent) that follow the entire perimeter of the vehicle at a constant distance.

High pressure contour POWER HP

The nozzle tilts to perform a more direct action on the surface. The power hp nozzles guarantee the best cleaning quality and the least maintenance currently on the market.

maximum washing height: MOD. 23 – 25 – 28: 2300mm – 2.500 mm – 2.800mm

maximum washing width: valid for all models: 2.350mm

maximum passage width: valid for all models: 2.420mm

maximum height of the plant structure on sliding tracks: MOD. 23 – 25 – 28: 3130mm – 3.400 mm – 3.630mm

maximum width of the system with splash guard: valid for all models: 4.200mm

maximum width of the system without splash guards: valid for all models: 3.650 mm

track length valid for all models: 12/13 m

rails center distance: standard 3.000 mm – 2.800 mm

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We are currently looking for companies and technical-commercial partners to be included in the commercial area of ​​our company. If you have contacts with service stations or washing centers and want to increase your business possibilities, you are in the right place.

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