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The double rollover carwashing system Net 5 shows high-level functional innovations. The technological synergy developed on the 2 gantries has made it possible to create a system capable of carrying out washing cycles with maximum results in less time. Net 5 is characterized by the 2 gantries with individual movement that perform combined actions by simultaneously carrying out several functions during the washing programs.

net 5

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Choosing an Autoequip car wash system means relying on a solid company with a great deal of experience behind it.


The two turrets are positioned on the second rollover, after the vertical brushes. Their combined action in the washing cycles allows to optimize performance and times. Their percussion guarantees the cleanliness and coverage of the entire medium-low surface of the car.

Emollient and high pressure POWER HP in combined action

While the first rollover delivers the emollient following the profile of the vehicle, the second portal, also equipped with a horizontal contour nozzle, performs a powerful high pressure cycle with percussion nozzles.


Top performance is achieved thanks to Contour drying mounted on both rollovers. The vents are AISI 304 stainless steel made and are electrically operated. The equipment is completed by the two fixed side dryers also possible on the two rollovers.

maximum washing height: MOD. 23 – 25: 2300mm – 2.500 mm

maximum washing width: valid for all models: 2.350mm

maximum passage width: valid for all models: 2.420mm

maximum height of the washing structure on sliding tracks: MOD. 23 – 25: 3130mm – 3.400 mm

maximum width of the system with splash guard: valid for all models: 4.200mm

track length MOD. 23 – 25: 12/13 m

rails center distance: standard 3.000 mm – optional 2.800 mm

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