Conveyor washing system

Tailored to your needs.

The Autoequip conveyor washing systems concept offers you maximum flexibility in the implementation of your washing activity: you can choose from a large number of washing, drying and treatment modules, configuring your completely customized conveyor washing systems. Perfectly compatible with your volume peaks, the size of your site and the needs of your customers.


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Choosing an Autoequip car wash system means relying on a solid company with a great deal of experience behind it.


With only 5 brushes, it has a structure less than 8 meters long (the basic model) to obtain a mini Conveyor with small dimensions but with excellent washing results.


It is the intermediate model of the range, it has 7 brushes, the 2 longitudinal ones (more than the AE.5 model), carry out a thorough washing of the wheels and the lower side parts, notoriously critical areas of the vehicle.


It is the model that is equipped with more brushes allowing a great operational capacity. It has 8 brushes that allow you to carry out a very thorough intervention on the vehicle, guaranteeing the AE.8 maximum productivity in the range.

Adaptable to every solution and need of your washing station.

Do you have contacts with service stations or washing centers? become our technical-commercial partner.

We are currently looking for companies and technical-commercial partners to be included in the commercial area of ​​our company. If you have contacts with service stations or washing centers and want to increase your business possibilities, you are in the right place.

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